Monday, August 16, 2010

day 339.

This is how my son feels about visiting Guitar Center.

So, at the other mall in Dayton, we thought we'd have better luck.

Meh. Not much better.

The Dayton Mall is bigger, but the smaller mall down the street from our apartment is slightly nicer.

And, I'm noticing some alarming things.

No Anthropologie.

No Urban Outfitters.

No J. Crew.

No upscale department store besides Macy's.

No nice kitchen store (Sur la Table, Williams Sonoma). Al-though, I did notice a Le Creuset outlet closer to Cincinnati. So that's happy.

At least there is Guitar Center.

And at least there's a Sephora and a few other things at the open-air mall. Relief.

Man, when it comes to mall shopping, I really am spoiled.

I don't care.

Digital Field Guide: page 101

Images: the Photofocus group on Flickr. Yes, I am part of many groups on Flickr.

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Candra Georgi said...

that is the best picture ever. his eyes and that "wig" on the bottom right, lol