Thursday, September 16, 2010

crock pot wednesday.

I really love my crock pot.

It's a cheap crock pot, and it's seen a lot of use over the last few years.

Since Mondays and Wednesdays are our busiest days of the week, and Mondays' meals are pretty much planned already (Chick Fil A night the first Monday of the month with Master's, take out the other Mondays), Wednesdays are going to be crock pot meals.

Yesterday, I asked my boys what they would like and gave them two choices. Ian piped up and said he wanted the tequila lime chicken. So that's what I did.

These are the ingredients that I used. In addition, of course, to the chicken. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs.

I put the black beans in the pot, placed my frozen chicken on top of that, and seasoned the top of the chicken with cumin.

I then poured the jar of Newman's Own Tequila Lime Salsa (mild) on top.

And cooked it for 8 hours, though I'm positive it was probably done in 6, since I made a potentially fatal mistake that I have never made before.

I got distracted after pouring the salsa... something the kidlets said or did. So when I went back to the crock pot I turned it on and forgot to add liquid! No water or broth or anything. We arrived home and the edges of the dish were burned.

Be that as it may, it still smelled good. I immediately turned off the crock pot and started some rice.

Got out my trusty little pot, boiled one cup of water mixed with one cup of Simply Limeade, added a cup of Jasmine rice and a bunch of culantro that I tore into pieces. (Culantro is some heavier-duty, stronger-flavored form of cilantro that is sold at Publix.)

Once the rice was done, we ate, and I realized that even with the mistakenly lacking liquid, it was still yummy. I will definitely be making it again. I won't forget the liquid next time though. A couple of cups of chicken broth will do it just fine.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the recipe! Sounds yummy!

love said...

thanks for sharing this! i'm going to try it!

[nice to meet you! found you through You Capture!]

gina said...

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Unplanned Cooking said...

I love crock pot cooking in the winter. It's such a perfect way to come home from skating lessons. The house smells great + no mess to clean. Not that I'm wishing for winter... :)

Karyn Climans said...

I own a crock pot too but it's been at least 10 years since I've used it. Thanks for the reminder that it's a wonderful way to make dinner.
Thanks as well for visiting my blog site and leaving the comment.

confused homemaker said...

I adore my crock pot, it has saved the day on during many a busy times. The recipe also sounds delicious!

Liz said...

Sounds like a great recipe. I love my crock pot too! THanks for giving me another recipe to add to my list!
Found you on blog frog!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This sounds wonderful. I bet the lime add a great flavor.

Stopping Mom Loop!

jillconyers said...

I love crock pot cooking. So easy and convenient. I'm adding this recipe to my grocery list. TFS!