Wednesday, September 15, 2010

homeschooling log 2010: chapter five.

So, last week came and went and I didn't do a chapter of the homeschooling log. I apologize. We did do our schooling; I just didn't write about any of it.

Last week was pretty spectacular, as weeks go. We had a week with Daddy in Ohio, and it was great. We relaxed, got a lot of much-needed rest, and had a lot of fun. Our week culminated in going to our first baseball game as a family, and my little ones' first baseball game ever. Then the next day I finished my 365 photo project.

This week, the first half of it has gone in a flash. Monday was spent recovering from the drive through the night to get back home coupled with a full day at Master's.  Tuesday meant more recovering, and today was another full day at Master's. Tomorrow through Saturday I will get through everything that I wanted to finish this week with the kidlets.

They're no worse for wear, though. Somehow, they are both reading words that I haven't even taught them yet. What's more, their big brother has been taking it upon himself to do reading and games and things with them. I have some special children. Man, do they make my heart sing.

Speaking of singing, Ian walks around telling me, "Mommy! I can sing Beethoven!" And sure enough, he will sing the theme to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. He does the same thing with Mozart's first movement from "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." Natalie, of course, follows him and repeats what he does. They fell in love with Mozart last year and to see them still remembering and continuing to enjoy this music is awesome.

Ian is continuing to practice spelling words on the refrigerator, which is something he started doing earlier this summer. He still spells 'hulk' h-u-k, though, even though I have corrected him. He just argues with me and says there's no 'l' in it. Funny.

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