Sunday, September 12, 2010

day 365: nothing special, but something special.

Okay. I cheated.

I did not take this picture. My son did.

It's a tad fuzzy, unedited, un-cropped.

Yes, I could have used the self-timer. But I didn't. I wanted him to capture this moment for me.

The moment when I could say that my 365 photo project is done.

And it is.

The photo is nothing special, but ending this project is special. Indeed, this entire year that I have been on this journey is special.

During this journey, one of my photos was the finalist in a photography contest.

During this journey, one of my photos was featured in a Chicago travel guide.

During this journey, one of my iPhoneography shots was featured on a prominent blog.

During this journey, my work was THE feature on two other blogs.

During this journey, I was quoted on another prominent photographer's blog.

During this journey, I got the chance to meet nationally-known photographers, and actually converse with them.

During this journey, I was given the privilege to photograph several fine folks' engagement, family, and headshot photos.

During this journey, I started a club mentoring young girls through the shared passion for photography.

And during this journey, Rosebud Photography was born.

Now, I could have gone through this year and done nothing more than snap photos of my children, and I would have been happy. But to think back on what all has transpired this year, I am beyond overwhelmed. Humbled. And newly inspired.

And so, I will be doing another project. Yes. ANOTHER project.

I won't be starting until the beginning of the year though, so I will go from January to January. That gives me time to just take in all that is my favorite time of year (now until the end of December), meandering through it with all the wonder of a young child.

But come January, my new project will be a Project52 instead of a Project365.

I will do 52 weeks of photos, sharing with you each week:

a self-portrait,
a family portrait,
and a still-life art portrait, which you know I love to do.
And maybe some other goodies.

I will still do technical reading and image-hunting, and share with you each week what I've done.

And I will continue to grow as a photographer.

Let's see where I am in January 2012, Lord-willing.

Thank you so much for following along on this journey with me. Many blessings to you.


Candra Georgi said...

OH MY GOSH! Congrats! I'm sending you a happy high five via blog comment. YOU GO GIRL!

natty. said...

Haha! Thank you, Candra!

Joe said...

Congratulations on your successes withing the your success. I'll look forward to Project 52.

Joe said...

Please delete the prior "Joe" comment, I'm sorry but for some reason there is a URL that takes you to a spam site.

A. Jarrett said...

Congrats! So happy for you for completing this project! Project sounds fun! I may consider another phototgraphy project as well in January-definitely helps us grow as photographers.

credd said...

congratulations! this is my third i've said before...i don't PLAN to do another. i'll see what happens come january 2!

Tracy said...

That's great! Congrats on the completion. That takes alot of dedication.

Devney Nixon said...

Wow I am impressed Natalyn because I know how busy it can get being mom, wife and teacher etc. can be. Great job..look forward to seeing your future projects!

HeartBabyHome said...

Congrats - that's an amazing accomplishment. If you get a chance, you should add links to the special photos you mentioned or to where they were featured somewhere cool. That would be fun to see.