Wednesday, September 08, 2010

day 357: scotty's hamburger.

Aaannnd we're back on the road.

My plan was to get on the road headed back to Ohio very early, like around 7. I pretty much knew that wasn't going to happen, since it was almost 2 when I got home from Dragon Con. But I didn't do too badly. I managed to get on the highway before ten o' clock, and somehow we got to Dayton by 4:30. That's called making REALLY good time. My son called it "Mommy's a Road Runner."

I promise, I was NOT going that fast.

Meanwhile, the trip up (and back) is really nice. Lots of interesting signs. And you know how I love signs.

This one had already caught my eye on the last couple of trips. It turns out that I had to stop for gas and was able to stop right next to Scotty's Hamburger. So, squeeee.

Digital Field Guide: page 107

Images: Daily Dose of Imagery

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