Thursday, September 02, 2010

the waxing continues.

I was inspired to do this after reading this post on one of the many blogs that I LOVE to read. She pretty much told me to do it. And since I all but broke down and wrote a love letter to September and Autumn yesterday, I thought I would show a little love to Summer too. Especially since it's not over yet.

2010  / /  it was the summer of...

early mornings at the lake.
feeling sand between our toes.
long naps and car rides home.

the ominous fragrance of thunder and lightning.
every grey shade imaginable in the sky.
swiftly drifting clouds that seemed close enough to grasp.

rainbows. steam on the street.
tall, itchy grass.
freshly mowed lawns and the smell of barbecue in the air.

watching little ones grow.
listening to them sing.
hearing them laugh and play, littering the house with pitter-pattering footsteps.

hot. heat. blazing sun.
popsicles. ice cream. the sweetest sweet tea.
lazy days spent reading books and painting pictures.

one image caught. two. three.
four. five. six.
a lifetime's worth of memories encapsulated in too short a season.

babies no longer babies. first swims. first library cards.
wanting to slow the clock.
long baths. long detanglings of long locks of angelic hair.

gazing into my man's eyes.
conversations in the car.
hope for more date nights.

messy kitchen tables, messed over with love.
reminiscing on times past.
determination to savor every. single. moment.

And you know how I do.

I couldn't resist sharing a few pictures from my blessed summer.


Tracy said...

Very creative post. I like it. It really captures your whole summer. Great pics too!

confused homemaker said...

Beautiful photos. It does go by so fast & has so much packed into it. I wish I could capture the moments in a bottle.

imcorbie said...

I love it. I love summer and it was extremely short this year...I like your pics too.

L. Eleana Johnson said...

That was so beautiful. What a lovely read. I especially love the part where you mention your Man. Sometimes we get wrapped up in so much stuff forgetting how special they really are.
Have a great weekend!

gibknitty said...

beautiful words and photos.

Unplanned Cooking said...

Those pictures are amazing. Really inspires me - our natural world is so beautiful.

Colleen said...

Hi! Found you through Linky Friday. Beautiful photos! Wow! Our summer wasn't nearly as hot as usual here in Northern California and it was heaven! 80's are good, triple digits no! Today though we're close to 100 so I'm inside blogging with the A/C!

intentionalfamily said...

You have captured this summer for yourself like a time capsule that you will be able to revisit each time you read. Thank you for sharing it with us as well.

From BF FF--Have a great LONG weekend!

Surviving Motherhood said...

Love your pictures...beautiful! Summer went by so fast, but I love Autumn and am welcoming it with open arms :)

Found you from Blog Frog, hope you stop by and visit me soon :)

Simoney said...

Hey Natty... I'm so glad I clicked on your comment and found you. THis post made me all warm and fuzzy; you paint the picture of your summer so beautifully with your words, I could almost smell it.
I am following now; how could i NOT??

Cori said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful poem!!!

Garima Pal said...

Amazing photographs!