Wednesday, September 08, 2010

day 358.

We had a lovely day today, which culminated in a lovely date night for me and my husband. It was a real blessing, since the last actual date night that we had was a year ago!

We spent a lazy Sunday morning playing balloon volleyball with the babies, then went to Skyline chili for lunch, and after that we headed to The Greene to walk around and chill out. The Greene is a nice open-air shopping mall, similar to Atlantic Station in Atlanta but smaller.

There was a jazz band playing in the courtyard, and we sat and listened. In the middle of the courtyard is a fountain that children can run and play in. My kids weren't wearing their bathing suits so they didn't play in the fountain. They weren't interested in doing so anyway, so we all just sat and listened to the band. I caught quite a few shots of several children frolicking in the fountain, like this little buddy.

We went home and Bobby watched the little ones while Daddy and I headed to dinner in Cincinnati. Coming back, we caught the fireworks at the end of the Cincinnati Reds game. They lost. Good to know they shoot off the fireworks no matter what. Maybe we'll all go to a Reds game next weekend.

Digital Field Guide: read a page in Niki's manual.

Images: my LIFE Magazine app

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