Sunday, September 12, 2010

day 364: always remember.

September 11.

Last year on this day, I spent the day watching videos and reading accounts of what happened that terrifying day. I was remembering where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news, and I was remembering explaining to my very small little boy what had happened. It was a sobering day. And it was eight years later.

Today, I spent the day appreciating what I have. My life, health, strength, energy. My wonderful husband. And my precious family. Today's date served as a potent reminder to me to look around me and realize how tremendously blessed I am. It's something we should all do, every single day. Because tomorrow, or even the next ten-minute period of time, is not promised to us.

Let's all take a moment and not complain, or obsess about what we don't have. Let's just take a moment and truly appreciate what we do have, and in this moment, thank God for what He has given us, and acknowledge that if we never receive another thing, we are complete in Him and grateful for it. Shall we?

How did I acknowledge and appreciate my blessed life today?  By being a mall rat with my family, and taking in a baseball game afterwards. It was my little ones' first game. They enjoyed it so much. We all did. It was tons of fun.

I could not share just one photo today, so since today is kind of special (the day before the END of this photo project!), I decided to do something special. I will share several highlights of my day, straight out of my camera.

Bobby took this one.

Yep, they won! We cheered for them like they were our home team. And yes, they were THE home team, as we were in Cincinnati and not Atlanta!

We got home super-late after being gone all day, so I jumped right in the bed and did not do any reading or image-hunting today. I don't think I will tomorrow either, as I will be trying to get everything prepared to get back on the road. But, tomorrow IS my last day of this project and I am way excited!

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