Wednesday, September 01, 2010

ahhh, september.

Ahhh. Autumn. It's looming.

September has come, and with it comes new hope. New experiences. New inspiration.

It's just always that way for me. Autumn never disappoints. It's just so beautiful.

The crisp air.

The cool breezes.

The brightly-colored leaves.

The orchards and pumpkin patches.

The concession stands.

The hot chocolates.

And the road trips. Again.

It's pretty much perfect.

I can't wait to break out with Niki every day and just collect it all, image after image, in the hopes of never forgetting how wonderful it is.

It is one of a handful of subjects on which I will indeed wax poetic. I did last year too. With all of its splendor and perfection, it deserves such credence.



Candra Georgi said...

oh-my-gosh i'm so excited about the Fall. yay!

confused homemaker said...

The Autumn is really my favorite time of year. I'm just surprised she has arrived so early this year, I feel like I wasn't ready for her to get her so soon.

Simoney said...

I love autumn too. It's my favourite. Closely followed by spring.
I have a thing for anticipation - just love the changes in the air and the mild temperatures, the colour and the unexpectedness of each day. Lovely post.

Daisy said...

I'm with you -- you captured it very well. I even love changing the closet over for fall (the nubby, scratchy and soft textures, the layers, the feel of boots....)

Kara Marie said...

Saw your blog from Follow Friday on blogfrog - LOVE your list of things :) Did you take those pics using iphone? love the photos! Thanks for sharing.

Elle said...

I am glad the weather is changing. The heat has been very tiring for me. I am looking for to the beautiful leaves and fall colors.