Sunday, September 26, 2010

homeschooling log 2010: chapter six.

The week has flown by, and many times I have felt like there weren't enough hours in the day to do all that I needed to do. Like, I still need to do laundry. Still. Gaaaahhh.

Annnd it looks like this week's Crock Pot Wednesday might have to be Crock Pot Tuesday, as I will be helping lead worship at church this Wednesday. I'm thinking... teriyaki beef? Dunno yet.

What does that have to do with homeschooling? Nothing.

Let's see, what were some of the highlights of our week?

On Monday, we capped off a long and fun day at Master's with singing songs in the car (Ian taught Natalie one he had learned in Music class, and of course they had me sing my regular rotation of songs a few times) and Chick Fil A night. We love Chick Fil A. Ian used to call it Chicken Flay.

On Tuesday, Bobby had Classical and got out with an aced Latin quiz (the normal) and aced memory selection. He also spent time telling me about why he was not all that impressed with Robinson Crusoe when he read it (didn't really hold his attention). Here's hoping the next literature selection is not a snorer for him. Oddly enough, he has LOVED reading through A Theological Interpretation of American History. Go figure.

On Wednesday, we had another full day at Master's. Bobby's drama club teacher took the time to tell me how much she loves him, and how much fun he is in rehearsals. They have rehearsal from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., and they are doing the musical Honk, Jr. Bobby is the lead. I had to twist his arm to audition for that thing, as the teachers were begging me to convince him to do so. They thought he would be perfect in it. He had ZERO interest at first. I finally convinced him to go out for it, and now he is so excited to be in it.

On Thursday, like every day just about (not really on Mondays), my little ones brought Ian's big binders in the kitchen letting me know it was time to do our schoolwork. Natalie is not always there when Ian and I work, but she does help to bring the binders to whatever room we are in. No, I do not have a designated "school" area. I don't see the point really. Sometimes we're in the kitchen, sometimes we're in the living room, sometimes we're in my bedroom, and it just doesn't matter.

Ian is making such great progress with reading and is starting to read short sentences. Natalie, meanwhile, is still recognizing her letter sounds and having fun. And counting. A lot.

On Friday, we went out to the mall and to church that evening. And yesterday I assisted Tasra Dawson on a photo shoot, so Bobby stayed with the kidlets and they just played and chilled out.

Today was a rainy and messy day, and I totally planned on doing schoolwork with them, but we just didn't. No biggie. I realized years ago that I was very much a RELAXED-Classical-Charlotte-Mason homeschooler.

More on my homeschooling philosophy to explain that term in a later post, I promise. Along with more resource lists and whatnot. I totally am going to get to it. Hopefully this week? Maybe? Possibly? Yes? No? Ummm?...

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Kimberly said...

Hello Natty! Nice to meet you...I'm following you from Mckmama's blog frog. I always admire you homeschooling moms! I don't know how you all do it...but I think it's great! You are welcome to stop by my blog and blogfrog community if you'd'll be warmly welcomed! Blessings, Kimberly