Thursday, November 12, 2009

art every day month, day 12.

Earlier this year (it may have even been around this time last year), there was a "crafty challenge" going around on Facebook. I decided to participate and post the note to all of my friends. The challenge was, if they responded and agreed to do the same thing for their friends, I would make something very personal for them and give it to them sometime in 2009 as a gift. Three of my friends responded. I decided to wait until Christmas and give them Christmas gifts.

One of my friends is a hairdresser named Angela. She's really cute, and really good at what she does. I'm thinking of doing a painting for her, but since I've never painted anything, I'm trying to get a clear idea of what I want to paint before I even go there (trying to paint it). But hey, it'll be handmade, personal, and a lot of thought will have gone into it, if nothing else! haha

So, here's a sketch of what I want to do for her.

I want it to be really fun and cute, like her.

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Leah said...

Oh, I'm sure she'll absolutely love it. What a sweet idea!