Sunday, November 15, 2009

day 66: a successful day of shooting.

We drove up to Ellijay after church today because I really wanted to get some family shots amongst the beautiful foliage before it all disappears. I didn't make it to some heavily leaf-y area like I planned, but we did find this awesome clearing that had sweeping vistas of mountains. And it was behind a shopping center.

I got so excited because I thought, yay! Photo shoot time!

I'm really pleased with what I got. Lots of great shots of my husband and kids, as well as nature shots. Mind you, I am just a beginner at all of this and probably have a miniscule fraction of the skills that many others doing this 365 challenge, so to see what was on my camera at the end of the day today was exciting for me. I'll just have to do one of those "would-be portfolio" posts later, as there were quite a few great shots and it was difficult to choose just one for this post.

But choose I did, and it's the one I think I'm gonna use for Christmas cards this year.

Digital Field Guide: page 63, Info display format and auto shooting info

Images: Moneta Sleet


LenzLove said...

Great shot..! Oh I miss summer already.

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

That's a great photo with a phenomenal background.