Friday, November 27, 2009

the simple things.

Last Tuesday, I stumbled across this sublime blog somehow, called Soul Aperture. The writer, Christina, had written this incredibly blessed post, simply titled, The Simple Things.

I loved reading her list of simple, everyday things that enrich life for her. She invited others to join in and post their own lists. I decided to do one for Thanksgiving-time, since so many are reflecting on what makes them thankful. I am very thankful for so much, and I reflect on that often during the year, not just during November. However, there are lots of things that I think we really do take for granted -- nondescript, barely-there or ever-underlying things that keep us going every day even though we don't notice them. They truly are simple things. I believe that it's the simple things that, if we think about it for a moment we will realize, actually make us happiest.

I could go on quite a long time with my list, but I'll keep it short.

the simple things.

the kidlets' belly laughs
decaf coffee with flavored creamer
christmas carols
scented lotion
looking at pretty pictures

pot roast in the slow cooker
going for a drive
my son practicing the guitar
playing games with dice
my husband's eyes

listening to opera and jazz
watching old movies
twinkle lights
cocoa puffs
window shopping

a friend's sweet voice on the phone
cool breezes
apple cider with caramel syrup
visiting with good friends
my baby's soft skin
singing, singing, and more singing


Tasra Dawson said...

Great first shot of the Navy Pier. Very nostalgic look and feel to it!

natty. said...

Thank you! I think it would make a nice print.