Saturday, November 14, 2009

day 65.

Many times, I hold my camera while in my car and just point it randomly somewhere and shoot. I do this since, if I am driving, I can't very well look through the viewfinder. So I literally just point and shoot, point and shoot.

The super fun thing is getting to my destination and then looking at what my results were. Some of the shots are just about useless of course (but I keep those too so I can play with them in Picnik), but sometimes I find things that are really cool. Things I never would have looked at, much less shot had I been looking for something to shoot.

This is one of those shots. I have no idea where I was...don't remember. I just remember it was in town! But I saw it when I was reviewing everything and I thought, wow...neat.

Digital Field Guide: page 62, Format memory card

Images: Addison Scurlock

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