Monday, November 16, 2009

day 67.

The leaves are disappearing. Winter is coming. Sigh.

Digital Field Guide: page 63, Setup Menu Options cont'd.

Images: firefocus on Flickr


MH said...

Hello! Just noticed you began following my blog and I wanted to stop in and say thanks and welcome! Now I am off to browse yours!

Johanna said...

hi natty! thanks for joining my blog, i'm now gonna join yours! lovely photography btw!

Christina said...

oh this is a lovely place you have here. yes, the leaves are leaving for fall. all too early.
thank you for visiting.
: )

Christina said...

ps: the simple things is something i host a few times a year. this was an autumn edition. lol
feel free to post the simple things, that make you smile, make your soul sing, on your blog. i will link your blog along with the others, who joined in on the fun.
: )