Friday, November 27, 2009

art every day month, day 26.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We spent the day with friends and had a marvelous time. I ate so much the itis set in quickly! And it was SEVERE!

I took several pictures at my friends' house. They had their Christmas decorations up, and they were very pretty.

I took a photo of some of their lighted garland, and processed it using Mill Colour, HDR Free and Photoshop Mobile.

And then, the eating commenced.


Dijea said...

I like that. I have a painting on my wall that is the same colors done by my mother-in-law.

Diane M. McKnight, BFA, LLMSW Artist/Healing Art Guide said...

I like what you did with this photo. Very nice abstract that you ended up with. Keep up the good work.