Monday, November 02, 2009

art every day month, day 2.

I am trying to remember to go into each day of this challenge with no pressure. I don't want to think about it too much. If I start to get all mental about it and get bogged down in the land of "what should I create" I might freeze and do nothing.

This truly is a challenge because although I feel like I am a creative person, I am also, in certain areas of my life, a perfectionist. Everything needs to be just right. Breaking out of that mindset and just DOING when it comes to this project is difficult. But the point for me is not to create something "perfect," or even what someone else would think of as "beautiful." It is just to create! So here is my Crayola moment for the day, people!

I drew this in my little Moleskine notebook using these Stabilo pens. Then I borrowed a couple of my son's Prismacolor pencils and colored over it. In the sixth grade this would have been cool.

I got inspired by the past couple of days that we have had beautiful weather, and I started thinking about how much I love pretty days. Then I thought, I love November. Then of course I was reminded of how much I love autumn. And the holiday season. That led me to draw the hearts and decorate them, then add little sentences about things I love. Not the big, life-changing, obvious things--Jesus, hubby, my children, etc. The smaller things that I don't readily catch every day that totally help to make life awesome. So I added a few of those things.

I plan to get better at drawing, so during this month I will begin to (slowly) work through the lessons in these books: Drawing With Children by Mona Brookes, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards, Drawing Textbook by Bruce McIntyre, and How Great Thou Art by Barry Stebbing.


Kathryn said...

I love autumn too. I like your little love list. I often journal like this too. It keeps the creative flow going.

fly.amanda said...

I love your happy heart...It wasn't just cool in the 6th grade; it's cool now too!

Expressive Hart said...

I love your Love List! And absolutely, don't put any pressure on yourself during these beautiful season os autumn.